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Developed and founded in the Spring of 2019, The Jason Damico Show is a podcast focused on the artistic community and the covering of uniquely gifted artists/personalities--as well as having fun and documenting great moments and memories. The podcast is conducted in a Joe Rogan-type formatting but more specified towards artists and the entertainment industry. The show has the honor of covering the insightful stories of world class talents and personalities such as Joe McNally (LIFE, National Geo), John Custer (Sony, Columbia), Jessica Lynn (Keith Urban, ZZ Top), James Lugo (American Idol, 311), Brad Russell (Joe Satriani), and many more. The show began gaining traction when we reached out to viral YouTube/Reddit star MessiahSez for a featured special in his apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Many guests on the show have praised the atmosphere of the show to be "healing and therapeutic"--propelling positive vibes into an often negative space (social media). 

As of 2023, The Jason Damico Show is a proud recipient of The World Film Championship's Best Podcast Award.

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The Jason Damico Show is produced as a labor of love primarily for the creative community. If you would like to become a supporter of the show, click the donate button below.
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